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Thanks for the fishing trip of a lifetime. Of course, we would have enjoyed a sunnier day or more fish, but Jennifer and I had a great time overall. Your guiding skills are first rate and we hope to employ them again in the near future. Attached is the picture of the tarpon we caught yesterday morning. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Drew Senter

Dear Chris:

Just a note to let you know how much my brother, Bill, and I enjoyed fishing with you last week. We really appreciated all of your effort and the knowledge you shared. If you need references, please do not hesitate to use either of us.

Now, what was that you said about the big bonefish coming in in September?
Let me know if there are 3 or 4 days when the tides and the fish, the moon, the planets and the cosmos are all lined up right because we would like to come back down.

Best wishes. Richard Wilt, Huntingdon, PA



Dear Chris,

Thanks for another year of great fishing. My Father-in-law’s quote, “I did a lifetime of fishing in one day” certainly rang true! He sure enjoyed your kindness, expertise and patience towards him on his big day “on the water”. We were at a family gathering a few weeks after we returned and he was quite excited re-telling Debbie’s four brothers his stories of fishing with Chris.

Also thanks for making it such a special day for Lauren. Years from now I’m sure she will always remember that day of fishing with her grandpa “papa” and the tarpon he caught. It’s a memory that is priceless and will always be with her.

Lauren's Drawing

Your kindness towards Lauren can’t be expressed in words, we can only thank you for continuing to bring the enchantment and magic of fishing and the sea to her year after year!

As always thanks for all the great fishing, but more so for the great company on the water. Our time in Key West wouldn’t be complete without our fishing days with you.

Take care,

“freezing up in Chicago”
Joe and Debbie

PS Lauren wanted to send you this “original” of her on your boat. Notice the knife and chum on the platform…


"In nearly 20 years fishing with Chris, my best day was fighting five tarpon weighing probably 500 pounds overall for 4 1/2 hours out of 8 on the water. My second best day was a gorgeous day, steady balmy breeze when we talked and let our paradise sink in, but were fishless."

Dr. Jake


L.C. with his Permit
During a visit to Key West from Minnesota, the friends I was visiting took me out on a charter with the Captain. Lorenzo and Kay promised me this would be a cool experience. I felt so lucky when on my first experience on the flats, I caught a 9 pound bonefish and a 12 pound permit. I was so blown away by the tropical colors of the Content Keys and the drag screaming runs of the fish. I could not wipe the grin off my face the entire trip. I returned home, packed my bags, sold my ice fishing gear and have been enjoying great fishing with the Captain.

L.C. Manthey
Key West, Florida (formerly of Minnesota)


My first charter in the Keys was with Big Kahuna Charters. Not knowing what to expect I had high hopes. About 2 hours into the trip, after having some fun with bait fish, we proceeded to a spot Chris had chosen. His knowledge of the Keys and area waters is unbelievable.

After baiting up and setting out our "smellers" the wait began. About an hour after this, a tremendous scream came and I witnessed a rod pull like none other. I was handed the rod and the fight began. For the next hour or so, and what became 2 miles later,I fought and cranked what would be my biggest fish in my 20 years of fishing, a 7 foot, 135 lb Tarpon. The grace of the rolls and pure power of this huge animal was unbelievable. I consider this one of my most memorable fishing trips.

I have continued fishing with Chris every trip to Key West and have no plans (good Lord willing) to quit any time soon.

Tripp Reed,
Kannapolis, North Carolina

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